Traditional-style rustic dining table

This traditional style dining table is made using 45mm thick solid oak planks, oiled with Osmo TopOil 3058, and features an un-edged plank side for a natural and rustic look. The number of planks used may differ depending on the width of the table, and it comes in two standard lenghts, making it suitable for up to 8 people. The frame is made from solid pine for added stability and durability. 


• Tabletop with a frame, suited for up to 8 people


• 45 mm thick solid Oak planks, oiled with Osmo TopOil 3058
• Un-edged plank sides
• Number of planks may differ according to the table width
• Solid pine frame


• Bench must be ordered separately
• Exterior paint or oil code must be specified in the order

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TBL.3.300.100 H780 x W1000 x L3000 8 people On request 
TBL.3.250.100 H780 x W1000 x L2500 6 people  On request